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select v.vehicle_id as `id` ,v.vehicle_year as `year` ,mfc.manufacturer as `mfc` ,v.vehicle_name as `name`, v.emission_rating as `rating` ,v.technology_id as `tech_id` ,v.engine_family as `engine_family` ,v.VEH_CLASS as `class`, v.engine as `engine` ,v.transmission as `transmission_title`, /*,trn.transmission_title as `transmission_title`*/ v.disp_litre as `disp_litre` ,msrp_start as `price` ,image_name_small as `image_small` ,image_name_large as `image_large`, v.has_incentive as `has_incentive` ,v.GW_Score as `gws` ,Alt_Fuel_GW_Score as `e85_gws` ,Alt_Fuel_Smog_Score as `e85_smog`, v.technology_id as `incentive_id`,v.smog_score, /* ,case when (v.smog_score = 0) then v.smog_score_calculated else v.smog_score end as smog_score */ mfc.manufacturer from vehicles v left outer join manufacturers mfc on mfc.manufacturer_id = v.manufacturer_id /*left outer join transmission trn on trn.transmission = v.transmission*/ where v.technology_id = 46 and v.smog_score is not null order by `year` desc, `gws` desc, `smog_score` desc, manufacturer asc, name asc

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The Air Resources Board has not certified any vehicles using this technology or fuel type. Please return home to view more Technology / Fuel Types.